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I'm a 20-something lady living north of Chicago but south of Rhinelander. (Triple points if you know where that is without having to look it up.) I like math. I'm a bit of a geek. I'm quite fannish. I like happy things, endings, and people.

I play the piano, drums, and sing. I'm learning to play the guitar and mandolin. I adore music.

I love my Stargate shows, The Doctor, and SPN, AIRPS, Sherlock, and Bandom (heavy on the Panic!).

Ryan Seacrest and Misha Collins are my 2 most favoritest celebrity-esq people on the planet. As it turns out, I watched American Idol not only for Simon's blistering critiques but also for Ryan. I honestly tried watching X factor. It was not the same. Misha is AMAZING.(OMG MISHA COLLINS!!!) Spencer Smith (Panic! at the Disco) probably ranks third on that list. I think Spencer Smith is a hotass and he just seems to be a super competent person with, like, lists of goals and ways to fix things and a good head for business and he looks amazing while he's whaling away on those drums.
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